As a teacher, it will sometimes be difficult for me to approach certain issues in my classroom.  I will be challenged to present these topics and create healthy and open debates with each of my students’ thoughts and opinions on the presented issue. On this page, you will be able to see how I plan to approach some difficult issues and problems that face Canada and our society today with the use of different media platforms.


Aboriginal Women: Abuse and Disappearance

This Piktochart was the fruit of one of my Teaching and Learning Narrative’s in my first semester at McGill.  It explores the history behind the ongoing struggle that face Aboriginal women to gain respect from authorities and presents concrete statistics to provide the public with evidence of the situation many Aboriginal communities face today.

PiktoChart – Aboriginal Women: Abuse and Disappearance

What We Learn At School

This 10-picture photo essay denounces the “usual” responses women are given by all when they speak up and denounce sexual assault and violence.  Special thanks to Aude Mathieu!

What We Learn At School – Photo Essay