Learning Statement #2

As a teacher, I will need to be prepared to handle different behaviors and learning styles in order to bring the best out of all my students.  Each and everyone deserves to understand and excel the subject being taught to them.  Having studied the basis of multiple intelligenges, learning styles, and motivational tools in my introductory educational psychology course, I know where I stand in order to accommodate most of my students.  Writing this paper made me realize how much influence I will have on my future students’ everyday lives.  It is crazy to say but, I will be in charge of shaping the minds of tomorrow.  These young bright minds will be listening to what I say, observating my every move, but most importantly, be influenced by me.  It will be my goal to positively motivate all of my students in order for them to reach their full potential no matter the task given.

Competency #1: To act as a professional who is inheritor, critic and interpreter of knowledge or culture when teaching students.

(Here’s the link to access my response: How Teachers Can Improve Their Students Motivation)


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