S.M.A.R.T Goal

S – Formulate and state a clear and concise teaching philosophy 

M – Knowing who I am as a student and what I want to become as an educator

A – Weekly readings on the subject will facilitate this task

R – Formulating a clear philosophy of my teaching methods will only be beneficial for my ongoing future

T – At the end of this semester


With the completion of my first semester here at McGill, I have formulated my first draft of my beliefs about teaching and learning.  This draft was heavily influenced by the works of psychologists such as Albert Bandura and Lev Vygotsky, which I had the pleasure to read up on and discover over the course of this semester.  Nonetheless, I am well aware that my beliefs on the matter will continue to evolve as I continue my studies in education.  This exercise not only helped me write down in a clear and concise way who I was as a learner and what I believed in, but provided me with a starting guideline of what I aspire to be as an educator.


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