My Technology Baseline

As for most people, I got acquainted with technology through video games. From Lapin-Malin on my father’s PC throughout my childhood to the various NHL games on my Xbox 360 throughout my teen years, gaming has been apart of my learning experience of technology.

I remember when my parents first put me in front of Lapin-Malin at the age of 4 years old to help me develop simple mathematical computing skills in order to better prepare for pre-kindergarten.  It is through simple platforms such as Blues Clues’ friends and Bananas in Pajamas that my basic linguistic, logical-mathematical and intrapersonal intelligences slowly started to develop.  From picture essays and video assignments in my elementary years, to PowerPoint presentations in my high school years, technology has been omnipresent throughout my education path.  In high school, the use of Smart Boards helped me understand some concept in chemistry and physics since it provided me with concrete examples with the showing of videos and active learning.

However, with all the benefits that technology may have had on me, it also came with its drawbacks.  With all the available resources on the internet, we have to be critical and intelligent more than ever of the sources we choose to reference when writing an essay or simply studying a topic.  The Internet can be a great tool if we learn how to use it.


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