My Learning Network and Community


Family:  My parents have taught me the importance of never giving up on what matters to you most.  It is because of them that the values of perseverance, independence and self-worth have shaped me in becoming the person I am today.  They showed me how important it is to be emotionally strong and simply to believe in yourself.

F.A.C.E School:  One value that this place gave me was the importance of a strong sense of family.  It is here that I met most of the people (friends, teachers) that have influenced me in becoming the person I am today including (but not limited to) William Hesselink, Rita Saad, Ella Sparling, and so many more.

Hockey Community:  Most of my best childhood memories have been on an ice rink.  It is throughout my 14 year career in hockey that I discovered the importance of teamwork and hardwork.

This network is, of course, a brief overview of all the people that have been apart of my life and have taught, influenced, and prepared me for what awaited me with valuable lessons and advice.


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